$ tidevice screenshot ios.png
Screenshot saved to ios.png
[I 231113 18:06:36 _device:604] ProductVersion: 17.0
[I 231113 18:06:36 _imagemounter:24] Download -> /Users/xmly/.tidevice/device-support/
[I 231113 18:06:36 _imagemounter:24] Download -> /Users/xmly/.tidevice/device-support/
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/xmly/.pyenv/versions/3.8.9/lib/python3.8/site-packages/tidevice/", line 484, in start_service
    return self._unsafe_start_service(name)
  File "/Users/xmly/.pyenv/versions/3.8.9/lib/python3.8/site-packages/tidevice/", line 505, in _unsafe_start_service
    raise MuxServiceError(error)
tidevice.exceptions.MuxServiceError: InvalidService

其实根本原因是苹果官方从iOS 17起使用了新的通讯方式与设备通讯,可进一步参考Missing iOS 17 device support filespymobiledevice3 RemoteXPC,这意味着官方不再提供DeveloperDiskImage.dmg,国内收集的iOSDeviceSupport也就仅支持到iOS 16.7



python3 -m pip install -U pymobiledevice3

低于iOS13 需要安装依赖openssl

brew install openssl

iOS 17截图解决方案

在iOS 17上亲测可用,只是感觉截图有点慢

  1. sudo python3 -m pymobiledevice3 remote start-quic-tunnel
  2. pymobiledevice3 developer dvt screenshot /path/to/screen.png
  3. 命令太长了,在~/.zshrc alias个短命令
# iOS17截图解决方案,增加快捷方式
alias start-quic-tunnel="sudo python3 -m pymobiledevice3 remote start-quic-tunnel"
alias screenshot="pymobiledevice3 developer dvt screenshot"
  1. 再次尝试
$ start-quic-tunnel
2023-11-13 17:32:28 MacBook-Pro.local pymobiledevice3.cli.remote[50492] INFO tunnel created
UDID: 00008110-001E51CE0E9A801E
ProductType: iPhone14,5
ProductVersion: 17.0
Interface: utun2
RSD Address: fd0b:c082:9c11::1
RSD Port: 54161
Use the follow connection option:
--rsd fd0b:c082:9c11::1 54161

获取到输出的--rsd fd0b:c082:9c11::1 54161

$ screenshot xx.png --rsd fd0b:c082:9c11::1 54161
$ open .



NOTE: Currently, this is only supported on macOS

Starting at iOS 17.0, Apple introduced the new CoreDevice framework to work with iOS devices. This framework relies on the RemoteXPC protocol. In order to communicate with the developer services you'll be required to first create trusted tunnel as follows:
sudo python3 -m pymobiledevice3 remote start-quic-tunnel

(almost) all of pymobiledevice3 accept an additional --rsd option for connecting to the service over this new tunnel


pymobiledevice3 还有其他很多功能,可参照如下help

Usage: python -m pymobiledevice3 [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

  activation       activation options
  afc              FileSystem utils
  amfi             amfi options
  apps             application options
  backup2          backup utils
  bonjour          bonjour options
  companion        companion options
  crash            crash report options
  developer        developer options.
  diagnostics      diagnostics options
  lockdown         lockdown options
  mounter          mounter options
  notification     notification options
  pcap             sniff device traffic
  power-assertion  Create a power assertion (wraps...
  processes        processes cli
  profile          profile options
  provision        privision options
  remote           remote options
  restore          restore options
  springboard      springboard options
  syslog           syslog options
  usbmux           usbmuxd options
  webinspector     webinspector options